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on: 10.02.2019

Prince Charming


on: 10.02.2019

On the day of the release of Step-up, the man I want to spend my life with stands in the morning with an engagement ring in my kitchen. He had already asked, but without the ring it was only half sealed for me, and so I am now, visible to the world, taken! :-)

For a long time I looked for him. Jumpy relationships led me, let me in on men who were not quite the right thing, in the hope that they still will be, had sex too early, in the hope that they stay, interested me in their world, in the hope that someone finds me great ... In retrospect I can only smile about this time. First, we can't do so much for him to come or not as we think and second, when he comes, you know he is Mr. Right! That's my conclusion of the roller coaster rides of the last few years. Nothing against the roller coaster, but for searching, hoping and doubting there's definitely no reason.

That doesn't mean that everything is simple and uncomplicated (my husband already has 2 children), but the knowledge and the basic feeling was clear for me from the beginning and carried me through every wave of difficulty, complication and struggle (for love!).


If you hope and doubt he is not your man and when he shows up, you will know!