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on: 06.03.2019



on: 06.03.2019

I started to deal with foodwaste and  I am currently collecting data to find out why we throw food away. Did you know that foodwaste in Switzerland every year produces as much CO2 (from cultivation, transport, industry, etc.) as 36% of Switzerland's cars? This is crazy!

The biggest part (45%) though, is still thrown away in households and so I am just about to do a survey why food is disposed, here the link, you are invited to take part:

Food Waste survey

I make this survey because I have noticed that in this topic mainly external reasons are examined and pointed out and the internal ones are completely ignored. The responsibility of food waste also tends to be sought outside: Overproduction, vegetable/fruit standardisation and disposal of expired food in the retail trade are the main points I knew before I dealt with the subject. I had pictures in my mind of ecologically conscious young people fishing expired but still edible food from disposal bins of large food centres and being "unfairly" fined for it. In fact, the retail trade contributes only 5% to the problem! To see that most of the waste still happens in the household shows once more that we have to start with ourselves! It is so easy to point the finger...

The idea of this discussion is my wish to create a project that goes further and deeper than the actions that exist at the moment. I want a meaningful and at the same time simple solution without a scapegoat mentality. I will keep you up to date on this and if you have any ideas or inputs, please feel free to write to me: fabienne@integrales-leben.org

See you next time!!