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Shazia Mirza - on 12.03.2019

Image for Shazia Mirza Picture of Fabienne Kuhn

by: Fabienne Kuhn
on: 12.03.2019

..one more female Stand-Up comedian...

Ali Wong and the downside of Motherhood - on 11.03.2019

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on: 11.03.2019

Ali Wong is funny and brutal at the same time. A female stand up comedian who brings the dark side of motherhood to the stage...

Foodwaste - on 06.03.2019

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on: 06.03.2019

Im having a closer look at Foodwaste and tell you why the retail trade is not the main problem...

Why do we have Children? - on 17.02.2019

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by: Rea von Känel
on: 17.02.2019

Take your needs seriously!

I work as a kindergarten teacher and every morning I have nineteen 4-6 year olds around me who all want or need something. They have needs like me and you...but I never learned to take my needs seriously myself and eventually suppress them. 
How can I meet the needs of children like this?

Prince Charming - on 10.02.2019

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on: 10.02.2019

How do I know if he's the one? 

I'll tell you my story...

Step-up - on 08.02.2019

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on: 08.02.2019

Step-up is an online magazine for women who have had enough of turning themselves around. Enough of self-worth problems, relationship dramas and sense crises. Step-up is a platform that gives women a voice who bring what they are and who they are into the world.

Welcome - on 31.01.2019

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by: Fabienne Kuhn
on: 31.01.2019

Welcome, this is the First entry.

More will follow soon!